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We are a group of vegan activists who have, for more than ten years now,
been promoting animal liberationand veganism on the streets,
on social networks and in our daily interactions with the people we meet.

In recent years, we felt the desire to promote veganism and animal liberation in other ways,
and that is how the brand “Vegan Spirit” came into the world. Through Vegan Spirit,
we wish to express our activism in ways that are more creative and original.

Fashion is an effective tool for promoting social change, and it is a different form of activism,
such that can suit every vegan man, woman and even babies! And how so? Without even uttering a word,
you promote veganism and animal liberation anytime and anywhere you go – simply by wearing a t-shirt!

Our t-shirt designs promote a clear message of veganism, love for animals and care for the environment.
All of our t-shirts and products are printed in the united states, and they are 100% sweatshop free.

Every month we donate 10% percent of our income to animal shelters and animal sanctuaries around the world.
If you have one or know about one that you want us to cooperate with, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We ship our products all around the globe. Prices are in US dollars.

Please feel welcome to contact us regarding any issue via our website, instagram or facebook accounts.